Life Groups

Life Groups
Last updated on August 19, 2019

Do you desire deeper involvement
with fellow believers? 

If so, then a Life Group is for you!
Taking the prior Sunday’s message,
groups of 8-12 people in our church
family will explore deeper, discussing
how to practically live out what we are
learning. You’ll pray for one another,
get to know each other, and hold each
other accountable for living your faith.

How to get Involved:
There are three ways to get involved in a Life Group,
but everyone will participate in growing together:
  • Host (opens their home and leads planning for meal/snacks)
  • Facilitator (guides discussion & meets monthly with pastoral leadership)
  • Attendees (committed to attending life group)

What types of groups are there?
You can choose a Life Group that focuses on discipleship and
fellowship, one that is geared toward seekers or new
believers, or one that provides support and biblical guidance
through personal difficulties.

When do they meet?
Groups meet 2-4 times per month, during any day or time
(except Sunday mornings, of course!).

Where do they meet?
Typically at a home or the church,
but wherever the group decides.

Life Groups Involve:

Various Group Dynamics:
Multigenerational with kids
Multigenerational without kids
Young Married (under 30)
Families with children
College Age (age varies)
Singles (21 and up)
Support / Other
New Believers / seekers