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Avenues of Temptation

6/26/2018 Pastor Joe Smith   

Growing Together: Discipleship

1/21/2018 Pastor Charlie   

Three Practices Believers Must Undertake

7/7/2019 Pastor Charlie   

Relationship Status: Relating to Self / A Proper View of Self

2/24/2019 Pastor Mark   

New Testament Corporate Worship

3/3/2019 Pastor Mark   

Father's Day Top 10: Be a Real Man

6/17/2018 Pastor Mark   

Step Into the Impossible

2/25/2018 Pastor Mark   

Why Do We Serve and Who Do We Serve

8/19/2018 Joel Neitzke   

Symbols of Palm Sunday

3/25/2018 Les Lofquist   

Safeguarding Liberty

7/1/2018 Pastor Mark   

I am the Resurrection and the Life

4/21/2019 Pastor Mark   

Sins of the Tongue: Overuse

10/28/2018 Pastor Mark   

Advancing the Gospel: Generous Giving

7/21/2019 Pastor Mark   

Maintaining Unity in the Church, pt. 2

6/3/2018 Pastor Mark   

Unlikely Heroes: Your Inability is no Match for God's Ability (Moses)

8/4/2019 Pastor Mark   

How to Listen to Sermons

11/11/2018 Pastor Mark   

Watters' Ministry Update

1/7/2018 David & Robin Watters   

Growing Together: How (not) to Worship

1/7/2018 Pastor Jonathan   

Three Principles for Christian Speech

3/10/2019 Pastor Charlie   

Going Upstream in a Downstream World: Pursuing Moral Purity

10/21/2018 Pastor Mark   

Men of the Bible: Barnabas: A Man of Encouragement

6/23/2019 Pastor Mark   

Going Deeper: How to Avoid Talking Too Much

10/28/2018 Pastor Mark   

Unlikely Heroes: Your Brokenness is no Match for God's Forgiveness (Saul to Paul)

8/11/2019 Pastor Mark   

Encourage One Another

3/3/2019 Pastor Mark   

Growing Together: Serving Others with our Spiritual Gifts

3/31/2019 Pastor Mark   

Sins of the Tongue: Tale-Bearing, Slander & Gossip

11/18/2018 Pastor Mark   

Sins of the Tongue: Lying

9/30/2018 Pastor Mark   

Growing Through Relationships

1/28/2018 Pastor Lee   

I am the way, the truth and the life

4/14/2019 Pastor Mark   

Biblical Womanhood

5/5/2019 Pastor Mark   

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