Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries
Ladies' Bible Studies

Mondays 6:30 PM                     Tuesdays 9:30 AM


[ nursery is provided for your little ones at the Tuesday morning study ]

Books can be purchased at each class. You are welcome any time.
For more info contact the church office at office@jenisonbible.org


Welcome to Christian Women’s Ministries (CWM) of Jenison Bible Church.  CWM is the administrative body which oversees various ministry teams of women who desire to serve God and the church in many practical ways.

Our purpose is  “. . . to organize and coordinate opportunities for the spiritual growth of the women of our church as they utilize their gifts, primarily in the area of servant leadership, discipleship, outreach, evangelism, fellowship and prayer as they minister in the strength of the Holy Spirit.
To help you become better acquainted with all the ministries of CWM, here is a brief description of each of our ministry teams. 

The Meals Team of the Caring Ministry consists of volunteers who prepare and deliver meals to those in our JBC family when called upon for occasions such as surgeries, hospitalizations, or the arrival of new babies. The team also has volunteers who provide transportation to members of the congregation who need rides to appointments or church services.

At a time of great loss, the Funeral Team of the Caring Ministry comes alongside and provides some comfort to our church families by offering them a meal. The team itself consists of several women who organize and serve at the meal, and also includes many volunteers who provide cakes, etc.

As part of the College Ministry, restaurant gift cards are sent to our JBC college students twice a year, along with an encouraging letter.  The Military Ministry sends care packages every fall to all our men/women serving in the military. We’re told that they welcome those packages as a great encouragement.  This part of the CWM team is also responsible to update the pictures of our military personnel in the foyer.

If you know of a military person we should add to our list, please send an e-mail to the church office: office@jenisonbible.org.  Likewise, let the church office know names and addresses of current college students.

The purpose of the Decorating Ministry Team is to make the church attractive to those who come to worship and also to enhance the sanctuary for worship services. The decor is generally changed for each season (spring, summer, fall) with special arrangements for Easter, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

One of the primary duties of the Hospitality Team is to host various meals: for example, the Newcomers luncheon which is held twice yearly to introduce new attenders at JBC to the members of the board and staff; the luncheon which typically follows the annual outdoor baptismal service; the IFCA Pastors conference luncheon, etc. The team is also responsible for finding housing for guest speakers and hosting the churchwide Thanksgiving Eve potluck.

One of the goals of the J.O.Y. Ministry is to be an encouragement to those widowed in the JBC family. The team holds a spring brunch for the ladies, sends cards throughout the year, and puts together goodies during their Christmas project. The J.O.Y. team also coordinates a collection of groceries and toys from the JBC congregation for families in our church who need assistance at Christmas time.

The responsibility of the Kitchen Ministry Team is to see that the church kitchens are clean, well organized, well-stocked and generally ready to be used by the church family at any time and in many ways.


Mondays ~   6:30 PM - 8:00 PM 
Tuesdays ~  9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
(childcare provided)

This ministry involves Bible study, supportive prayer, and close spiritual fellowship with other women. Although most are from JBC, the study times are open to any woman who desires to attend and be a part of this special ministry. Monday evening and Tuesday morning classes are available each year during the months of September-April (nursery is provided during the Tuesday morning class). Some lesson preparation is required before each meeting.

The Projects Team assists the Missions Committee to address any needs our missionaries may experience in the field, those which may develop while on furlough and residing at our JBC mission home, and also any that may occur when preparing to return to the field.

The Social Ministry Team is responsible for planning and implementing various church functions, mainly directed at women. Each of these occasions is planned individually, some with a goal which is purely social in nature to encourage fellowship or, in contrast, some may have a decidely evangelistic purpose.

The church hosts bridal and baby showers for those getting married and first time mothers (according to JBC policies). We currently have five teams comprised of 4-5 women each who host these showers in rotation.