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We're a church of imperfect people impacting the West Michigan community and the world with God's love, and we're absolutely awestruck by His faithfulness.

August 8, 2021
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Life Groups

There’s something that happens in circles that just doesn’t happen in rows. Join us as we meet during the week in small, focused groups that help us explore life together.

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Baptism service at the lake on August 8. Come celebrate with those who are publicly declaring they will live for Jesus.

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These people are filled with faith and a desire to take God's message to the ends of the earth. We're encouraged by each one of their stories and how God continues to use them.

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Maybe you've heard words like sanctification or reconciliation in church, but you're not really sure what they mean. Check out our glossary which explores some of these terms in more detail.

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Even though Covid-19 has slowed down our operations, God's love still needs to be heard in our community and our missionaries still depend on our financial support. Will you consider giving a portion of your resources to help further God's work at Jenison Bible?

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Why We Meet


God designed us for relationships. Come connect with other believers living out their faith and discover how God can use you.


We think every believer can find true joy in Jesus. As we mature in our faith, we draw closer to God, achieve victory over sin, and care more deeply for those in need.


We use all our resources to see people drawn to God all over the world and right here in the Jenison, Hudsonville and Georgetown communities. Serving is a privilege and is one of the best ways to grow with other believers.

Our Distinctives


We were founded as an independent church nearly 50 years ago. This allows us to serve God as He leads without the obligations of a denominational system.

Gospel Focus

God's grace isn't just how our spiritual journey begins; it's the source of our growth, our motivation to serve others and what binds us together as a community of faith.


God desires a relationship with all people, in all nations. That's why 20% of our budget goes straight to the mission field.

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Our God

Do you feel like you're missing something in life, but don't know where to start looking for the answer? In the Bible, God tells us who He is, why we exist, and how our lives can be filled with joy and purpose.

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