God's heartbeat


The Bible is a story of a missionary God pursuing a relationship with every person on earth. It is the task of every believer to go to the world with the saving Gospel message that reconciles people to God. Our missionaries are an extension of the Jenison Bible family around the world. It is our privilege to support them financially and through prayer.


God uses every missionary differently. Some teach the Gospel directly in a tribe or to a people group, while others serve in vital support roles. Every missionary is passionate about leading people to the life-changing love of God.

Mission Agencies

We support several organizations that prioritize reaching people with the life-changing Gospel. From summer camps, to pregnancy resource centers, to healthcare chaplains, to at risk youth, we are grateful for their work to draw people closer to God.


God's love has no borders. Our missionaries have been called to serve in a wide variety of locations, including some places that you might consider to be less than safe. People all over the world need to know about Jesus.

Of Our Budget

We value missions so much that we dedicate one-fifth of our total church budget to financially support missionaries and mission agencies.


Whether mission efforts happen in the suburbs of West Michigan, the cities of Mexico or the remote areas of Papua New Guinea, we labor together for one purpose - impacting the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Partners

We love supporting organizations who make a difference. Click their logo to learn more about their impact.

get to know our


We're inspired by the faith of each missionary we support. We hope your spirit is filled as you read their stories by clicking their profiles.

Some of them serve in areas that are more sensitive to the Gospel; their profiles are marked as sensitive and may include limited information for their safety.