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Life Groups

We were never meant
to do life alone

What To Expect

Groups share a meal together and host open discussions about God, family and life in general, all in an informal atmosphere. We often review the previous sermon and pray for the needs of other group members. You may even play a game or two.

Meeting Places

Life groups typically meet in homes, but can meet anywhere that is convenient for the group members. Feel free to pick any location, whether it's a coffee shop, someone's home or even the church building.


Groups can meet anytime during the week. We only ask that you don't meet during one of our Sunday morning services; all else is fair game! Group meetings typically last 2-3 hours.

Group Types

There are various group dynamics, depending on your season of life. We offer groups for singles, young married couples, married with children, multi-generational and several others. See the signup form below for more options.


The goal is to get to know other members of the church so that you feel comfortable opening up a little. It's just more natural to share the difficulties of our spiritual journey with people we know and trust. We want to be able to bear each other's burdens and rejoice in each other's praises. In short, we want to share life together and grow in Christ.


Did we miss anything? Maybe you want to test out a group once or twice before signing up. Or you want to know if life groups are similar to something you've been a part of at a different church. Get in touch with a real person who can help.

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Our group is like a family that I can go to when things get rough and I always know that we all have each other's backs with accountability and biblical insight when it's needed the most.

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Any Questions?

Maybe you're not ready to officially join a group until you attend one a few times; when and where should you go? Or you don't attend Jenison Bible, but you're interested in joining one of our life groups anyway; we'd love that! Is there a group that meets on the one day you're available?

Whatever question you may have, we'll get you in touch with someone who knows the answer. Don't worry, you won't be added to an email list, we'll just contact you regarding your request.

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