God is still writing

Our Story

God's plan for His Church reaches far beyond what we could ever imagine. His plans for us began over 50 years ago and He keeps surprising us everyday with His faithfulness.

Who we are

Our story began in 1969 when a small group of people met in each others' homes for a Bible study. Soon after, an organization called IBM (Independent Bible Mission) helped to establish us as an independent church in 1971. God blessed us with a new building to call home and a full-time pastor to shepherd us. Ever since then, we've been following God's lead and He's shown Himself in extraordinary ways.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."
-Proverbs 3:5

Five senior pastors and three building additions later, we're delighted to be serving God in the same way as our founding members, by digging deep into God's Word and showing His love to the world. We've remained unified through all these years. In fact, there's still a few of our founding members actively serving in our church today.

What does "independent" or "non-denominational" mean?

It simply means that we don't belong to any outside organization that dictates what we believe or how we practice our faith. We're protestant, but we don't have ties to any specific denomination, allowing us to operate independently. Without the obligations of a denominational system, we're able to set our own budgets, define our own beliefs, select our own leadership and even send our own missionaries into the world. Simply put, we are free to serve God as He leads.

Naturally, we have members that come from a variety of denominational backgrounds. Don't worry about not fitting in simply because you might not share the same church experiences as someone else. We'd love for you to come and worship God with us!

We've been following God's lead and He's shown Himself in extraordinary ways
We exist to lift God higher and to further the Gospel

What we Do

Serving is a significant part of why Jenison Bible was founded in the first place. We want to see people drawn to God in miraculous ways and we're fortunate enough to be able to help!

We place a high priority on reaching people with the Gospel. That's why approximately 20% of our budget is dedicated towards mission work and we're thrilled that several of our missionaries were raised right here at Jenison Bible.

Not only do we invest in mission work across the globe, we're grateful for the opportunity to serve our local community in various capacities and provide our attenders with an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth and a sense of belonging. You'll always receive biblically sound messages on Sundays and ample fellowship during the week. We exist to lift God higher and to further the Gospel.

Our Former Pastors

Our story wouldn't be complete without recognizing our shepherds. God has used several pastors over the years to guide us on our spiritual journey. Even though they may be retired, we continue to look to them as an example of Godliness and thank God for the time they spent with us.